Manufacturing Process


We provides wide range services such as from Product design, Rapid prototyping, Flow-simulation, Mold design, Machining process, Quality Control until Plastic injection.


Product Development

The product developement process involves conceptualizing, designing, planning production, and clear communication among teams. Our commitment to ongoing project improvement based on data analysis and customer feedback.

3D Print Prototyping

3D Print Prototyping is one of the product development process. This process enables rapid creation of physical prototypes, allowing for quick design validation and refinement before moving to further manufacturing process.


 The product design is analyzed to detemine mold spesification in mold designing process. Collaboration between designers, engineers and technicians to ensures a precise and efficient mold manufacturing process.

Mold Making – Machining

The mold making process employing precision machining techniques supported by wide range of high machines including CNC Milling, Wirecut machines, and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM).

Quality Control

Quality control process ensuring that products meet spesified standards and customer expectations. This process involves conducting inspections and tests at various stages then continuously monitoring and improving to deliver consistent and high quality products.


The individual components are organized and prepared for assembling process, following assembly instructions or procedures. This process performing assembly operations such as joining, fastening and connecting, conducting quality checks and testing to ensure proper functionality and performance of the products.

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