Our Core Business

Excellence in mold making, plastic and non-plastic injection manufacturing. We specialize in delivering high-precision molds and top-quality non plastic and plastic injection molded parts.

Product Development

We focus on innovation and a commitment to excellence. We provide a wide array of services encompassing all stages of the product development process, including product design, rapid prototyping, simulation, complete manufacturing journey, up to mass production. Work closely with our partner to understand the product concept, objectives, target market, and any specific requirements from our partner may have.

Mold Making

The core of our business and our specialization is to producing the highest-quality mold. We have dedicated our expertise in the field of mold making and embracing the unique challenges that each project presents. Encounter a problem related to mold engineering as an opportunity to demonstrate our skills and commitment by finding innovative solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Plastic Injection

Our company is fully equipped with a comprehensive selection of plastic injection machines, spanning a wide range of capacities. Our machinery inventory starts from 35 tons and extends all the way up to 850 tons, providing us with a wide variety production of high-quality engineering plastic components and plastic injection molding requirements.

Non-Plastic Injection

We revolutionizing with biodegradable injection manufacturing for environmentally-friendly products. Our advanced injection molding techniques ensure precision and quality while minimizing environmental impact. We prioritize sustainability, delivering biodegradable solutions that contribute to a greener future.


Our manufacturing processes incorporate with a unique approach called Production Based Education and Training. This approach combines education and training directly within our production operations, creating a dynamic environment where learning and skill development are seamlessly integrated into the manufacturing process.